'Painting is like making music, it just flows and  feeds my soul.'

Me, some long time ago, 2015.

'I felt that I needed more life experience before I started painting. This medium is so direct, forcing you to look very carefully, to make changes and decisions, which compels you to be in the moment. It took me a long time, but now I’m ready and… I absolutely LOVE it!’
Marouscha Levy is the founder of Mush Design, a design studio that is devoted to spatial, visual and costume design. These spaces can vary from theatre and opera scenography, visual design for augmented reality or virtual reality to other art-related spaces.
Besides her professional design work, www.mush.nl, Marouscha has a passion for painting. You can find her latest artwork on this website. Her studio is based in Amsterdam and available for commissioned work worldwide.
 'I like making people happy with my artwork.'
Photo by Iona Hogendoorn
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