Contact and consult: When you see something you like you can send me your enquiry for more information. Feel free to contact me, I am available every day. You can ask me any specific question you may have regarding a specific artwork or commission.
Price and information: I will provide you with specifics on prices and other information about the artwork or commission in which you have expressed interest.
All paintings on this website are for sale by enquiry only so you can buy with confidence. Paintings that are not available have a Sold message at the top of the image.
Because I want to contribute, in my own small way,  to making the world a better place I will donate 10% of the sum to plant trees around the globe to Trees for all.
Contract: You will be provided with an offical -contract for the sale of an artwork- and or - contract to commission an artwork-  and an invoice to complete the deal.
Certificates: When the sale is completed you will recieve besides the artwork itself several extra's:
• A certificate of origin signed by MUSH Design aka Marouscha Levy.
• Documentation of the artwork.
• Biography of MUSH Design aka Marouscha Levy.
• Information on the technique used, exact measurements and materials.
• A certificate from Trees for all.
Copyright: All paintings are guaranteed originals and are unique and made by  MUSH Design aka Marouscha Levy. The intellectual property stays with MUSH Design aka Marouscha Levy and the artwork may not be copied, photographed, filmed or lent without consent of the artist. MUSH Design aka Marouscha Levy should always be informed.
Payment options: After I received your order, I will send you the invoice where you can find the payment information so you can make the bank transfer.
Worldwide shipping: After the payment is accredited, the artwork(s) can be delivered anywhere in the world. Delays in deliveries depend on the place of origin (Amsterdam) and the place of the buyer. These details will be specified through direct communication between MUSH Design aka Marouscha Levy and the buyer. I will provide the necessary packaging and transport insurance to send the artwork(s) to any part of the world in perfect conditions.
Read my disclaimer.
All images are copyrighted by MUSH Design and cannot be reproduced by any means without permission. The Copyright Law also protects artists in their original works of art.
 All rights reserved - Copyright © 2023 MUSH Design
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